iconic leos

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This Iconic Leos Outreach and Rachael Lukacs collaboration is a custom designed leotard and sports bra available individually or as a bundle. The proceeds of this labor of love will be donated to Mallory's Army to assist in their efforts to educate and spread awareness about the harmful effects of bullying.  This is a vibrant butterfly print of blues and black, with the flipside leotard featuring a black back and the flipside sports bra is the reverse, having the beautiful print in the back.  Please join us as we come together to "Blue Out Bullying"!

*If the Leo/Bra Bundle is chosen and you would like different sizes for each, please specify in the comments.  

REMAING QUANTITIES/SIZES ONLY-  3 CS and 3 CM leotards, 3 CXS and 1 CM sports bras